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Intelligent and targeted real-time communication with large crowds

Public authorities are facing an unprecedented and increasing amount of threats and potential perils that often require efficient communication with the population. In extreme cases, providing the right people with targeted information can save lives.

SIS.communication lets you send messages to smartphones, virtually without delay, using an encrypted connection without needing to know the addresses’ contact details. Messages can further be directed at people who are located in specific geographic areas only.

SIS.communication uses the following technologies SIS Messaging

Demo ansehen
Please remain in your apartment until further notice. Keep doors and windows shut.
Please leave your apartment immediately and make your way to the evacuation area without delay.
There will be road works taking place in front of your house during the next three days. We aplogize for any inconveniences.
Beware of pickpockets! There has been an increasing amount of pickpocketing in this area lately.
With SIS.communication crowds can receive timely information and instructions directly on their smartphones without needing to share their individual contact information.
With the help of intelligent technology, messages can be targeted at specific geographic areas. Only people who are located in those areas will receive the messages.
It is possible, for example, to send different messages to residents of different buildings when managing perilous situations.
SIS.communication also allows you to distribute geographic information. Evacuation messages, for example, can be complemented with additional information about routes, zones and relevant places.
Of course, SIS.communication can be used beyond crises, for example to implement Smart City Services in order to provide the population with relevant information at any time.
SIS.communication’s extreme scalability enables the planning and implementation of scenarios where several hundreds of thousands of people need to be notified simultaneously.
To distribute messages, SIS.communication uses an encrypted connection that is secured by cutting-edge technology.