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SIS Command technology supports the management of forces. The integrated situation map on the SIS Web Interface shows the position as well as category and team membership of the command forces at all times. Moreover, SIS Messaging allows you to be in constant touch with on-site forces.

Demo ansehen
An unknown vehicle is blocking the access road.
The current position of the command forces is drawn on the situation map in real time. The control room can see the position and availability of forces at all times.
The full scope of SIS Messaging ensures precise steering of command forces. SIS Command offers additional filters which enable, for example, selective messaging of specific personnel groups.
Forces can send reports to the control room anytime where the data is collected and analyzed by an intelligent newsfeed.


How does the technology work?

To use SIS Command, SIS clients only need to install a free app on the smartphones of their command forces. No additional investment is required for a fast and easy deployment.