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Crowd Sensing

SIS Crowd Sensing technology shows an intuitive depiction of mass behavior on a live map on the SIS Web Interface. The collected information empowers you to quickly react to unusual crowd movements and intervene when necessary.

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Crowd Sensing
Area is often overloaded.
Crowd behavior is modeled in real time on a heat map. Parameters such as crowd density as well as direction and speed of movement are visualized intuitively
Potential challenges like bottlenecks or jammed access routes can be identified early on and counter measures can be implemented just in time.
Crowd Sensing also enables detailed infrastructural analyses to identify highly frequented routes and locations. The collected information can be used for security planning or marketing purposes.


How does the technology work?

Crowd Sending is entirely based on data received from smartphones. No investment in expensive hardware like cameras or sensors is required. Moreover, this technology works during all times of day, independent of current visibility conditions.

Crowd Sensing is added to existing smartphone apps (e.g. apps of big events) as a software module. App users are captured by the system anonymously, thereby contributing to creating the heat map. Owing to Artificial Intelligence methods, Crowd Sensing only requires appr. 2% of the respective crowd to use a relevant app.