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SIS Headcount shows information from compatible headcount systems like the highly precise EvoCount system directly in the SIS Web Interface. That way, you can monitor critical parameters like location capacity and movement speed at all times. Intelligent alarms send automated alerts whenever critical thresholds are crossed.

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Warning:This area is at 90% capacity.
10.000 3.500 6.500
Data received from compatible Headcount systems are displayed directly on the situation map in the SIS Web Interface. Flow rates in passage ways are separated by direction.
Headcount areas can be linked and overlap as needed – SIS Headcount will keep track.
SIS Headcount enables the definition of unlimited thresholds of both location capacity and flow rates. Automated alarms signal those thresholds.
Depending on the Headcount system, those alarms can sound outside of the SIS Web Interfaces. The EvoCount system, for example, supports alarm alerts via traffic lights or digital radio.